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Meet Our Therapists and Staff

Dr. Dominique L. Wilson, LPCC-S, MAC-Clinical Director/ Behavioral Health Clinician

(You can schedule with Dr. D directly at: https://www.jituzu.com/site/doctordee/)

Hi, are you feeling overwhelmed, tired, and drained with your current life? Do you desire to live a life that is more fulfilling, but just don't know how to take the steps needed to improve things? Are you surviving life, but not fully experiencing the joys that come with a rewarding life? Well, it is time to take control of your life, your circumstances, your emotions...it is time feel happy!! 

You can expect to be treated with respect and great care while receiving treatment services during our therapeutic partnership. I believe that as a therapist it is my job to assist my clients with identifying and applying solutions to various obstacles in life that can result in elevated level of emotional stress, i.e. work, family, major life transitions. My goal in providing counseling services is to establish a working alliance with my clients to assist with their development of a life-coping tool box that will provide them a more healthy emotional/mental balance in their lives.   

I have expertise in providing treatment services for various emotional/behavioral health and substance abuse concerns using CBT model of treatment for the past 10 years. Cognitive-Behavioral treatment leads to success in therapy by identifying and changing negative thoughts, beliefs, and/or situations that could be resulting in negative consequences in your life.

I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC-S), a state-certified supervisor for Licensed Professional Counselor Associates, an Adjunct Professor at Lindsey Wilson College's School of Professional Counseling, a Masters Addiction Counselor (MAC), and a state-certified substance abuse Clinical Services Supervisor, Assessor, and DUI-Instructor.

I earned my Ph.D. in Counseling Leadership Education and Supervision from University of Cumberlands in 2018 and I am member of the UCumberland's Student Advisory Committee. I am a active member of the Kentucky Association of Mental Health Professionals, the Kentucky Counseling Association, and the American Counseling Association.


Stephanie Vittitoe, MAPC, LPCA-Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Clinician

Hi! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who graduated from Midway College with a Bachelor's Psychology and received my Master's in Professional Counseling from the University of the Cumberlands. I am a member of both the American Counseling & the Kentucky Counseling Associations. I am qualified to provide counseling services to children, families, couples, and individuals for many clinical concerns. I strongly believe in creating a supportive therapeutic environment free of judgment. I work diligently to build a strong therapeutic alliance with my clients and work to empower them to achieve their treatment goals and improve their lives.

I have extensive experience working with traumatized children and families and use trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. I assist clients in taking the steps towards change, helping identifying negative thoughts and behaviors, and developing positive coping strategies in order to assist them with achieving their goal of a new life!


Robbi J. Barber, M.Ed., LPCA- Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse-Clinician

Life can be an amazing journey; and sometimes it seems unkind. Let us help you bring new life to your journey by seeing life through a different lens. A new lens (therapy) that allows you to no longer walk your journey in darkness but as you apply the light (therapy) your path becomes illuminated!

I have years of experience with the substance/drug abuse population; but am qualified to counsel various populations. I mostly use cognitive behavioral therapy as my model treatment but will often use a form of integrative therapy in blending specific types in an eclectic way that works best for the client. I also offer Christian-based counseling services for those in need.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who works part-time at New Life Counseling Services! I earned my BA and Master Degrees in Counseling & Human Development from Lindsey Wilson College. I am currently seeking my EdD from the University of the Cumberlands in Counseling, Supervision and Leadership. I also instruct the DUI 20-Hour Education Program.

Jessica Moore, M.A, LPCA, LCADC-Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Clinican

I am a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and earned my Master's in Mental Health Counseling in 2015. Along with my educational experience, I have been providing substance abuse counseling to individuals for the last 4 years who are treated for Opioid Dependency. I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Associate (LPCA) who is licensed to practice mental health counseling in the state of Kentucky under supervision. I am also a temporary certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor in the state of Kentucky. I will soon obtain my independent License for alcohol and drug abuse counseling during the year of 2017.

My experience includes providing individuals with a variety of counseling services in substance abuse treatment, residential, and intensive outpatient settings. I believe that with encouragement and the combination of services and effort, one can change their quality of life. I believe that individuals can improve their mental health and well being by challenging themselves cognitively and learning the power of positive thinking. Perception is key!

Jessi Castleberry, M.Ed., LPCA-Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Clinician

Hello! I am Jessica Denton and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate who is very passionate about the field of Human Services, Counseling, and Mental Health. I am a graduate of Lindsey Wilson College with an M.Ed in Counseling and Human Development with a specialization in mental health. I also received my Bachelor's of Arts in Human Services and Counseling from Lindsey Wilson College. I have experience working with a variety of individuals.

I like to take an approach to therapy that will fit the needs of the client, but I mainly focus on using CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). I believe that when challenging our own negative self-talk, beliefs, and situations an individual will be capable of finding their potential. I believe that as people become more accepting of themselves, they are more capable of finding happiness and contentment in their lives.

Grace Hallak, MRC., LPCA-Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Clinician

The most terrifying and beautiful fact is that feelings are always temporary. Therapy can help guide you through the tough challenges in life and recognize the beauty in your journey. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and recent graduate from the University of Kentucky with a Master’s in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling in Mental Health. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Connecticut. I received my Bachelor’s of Arts and Sciences in Psychology with a minor in health at Eastern Connecticut State University.

I have a research and education background in eating disorders, cross-cultural competencies and healthy romantic relationships. My experience includes but is not limited to substance abuse, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, codependency, anger management and parenting. I did my grad internship at Eastern State Hospital here in Lexington, KY working with acute psychiatric patients. My counseling style is a Cognitive Behavioral approach focusing on Dialectical Behavioral therapy and the ability to connect our thoughts and feelings to recognize our actions. I believe that we have the ability to change the way feel about situations and have healthy functional relationships with proper communication.

Mahnaz Abooei, M.A., LPCA- Behavioral Health Clinician/ Substance Abuse Clinician

Hello! I am Mahnaz Abooei. I have a deep passion to assist others overcome their issues and discover their true life circumstances. I believe in respecting clients from different background and culture. I also believe in building a therapeutic alliance with client to empower them to have a better life.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from University of Kentucky and Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Eastern Kentucky University. I am qualified to practice mental health counseling in the state of Kentucky under supervision.

My professional experience includes working with adults in individual and group therapy. I worked with a wide range of issues in people’s lives included but not limited to depression, anxiety, parenting, substance use, and anger management.

I focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in order to assist clients to be positive, find their own strengths, and be able to achieve their goals in life. Perception is key!

Natasha Lacey- Office Administrator

In my role as the office administrator, I will be your first line of contact with New Life Counseling Services. I will provide you information about the services that are offered at our agency, obtain your insurance/payment information, and assist you with the intake process. I will also assist with scheduling appointments with your therapist and any questions you may have related to insurance and/or clinical information. I enjoy working with the therapists that are a part of our agency and assisting clients with their needs. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!